March 20, 2019

Mile: 109.4

Location: Franklin, Ga.

Please Read: I Thessalonians 5: 11-18

Verse 11: Therefore encourage one and build each other up, just in fact you are doing.

The Apostle Paul encourages the Thessalonians to build each other up and acknowledges that they are in fact doing so.

As the AT Chaplain, I see this as a duty to encourage and build up other hikers. At the same time, I acknowledge that other hikers constantly encourage me and build me up.

I have quickly learned that the AT hiker world is a distinctive community of people with a common goal. Numerous times each day someone showers me with a gift of encouragement.

Lord Jesus, I pray that I would be as willing to encourage others in their pursuit of you as I am in encouraging others in their pursuit of the Appalachian Trail.

This week, I have completed three small goals; (1) completed Georgia and I am now hiking in North Carolina, (2) passed the 100 mile marker, and (3) completed a twelve mile day.

However, on the larger scope of things, I have 13 more states and 2000 more miles to complete. To prevent injury, I have purposely kept my miles at approximately 8 per day. However, it’s now time to step it up to 10-12 miles daily. At a later date, I will need to increase to 12-18 miles daily.

Published by Chappy Jack

2019 UMC Appalachian Trail Chaplain

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